Aviary Creek, The Vale

Aviary Creek is an extensive public parkland surrounding two inter-connected lake dams at Stockland’s The Vale estate, Aveley.

As a collaboration with Total Eden, EPCΛD designed a bold and contemporary yet environmentally sensitive public open space with a landmark-scale Waterwheel playground and horse-shoe bridge, yoga pavilion, bocce court, a lake-view amphitheatre, numerous passive grassed spaces and picnic shelters. The design’s respect for the site’s ecology is evident with the presence of an abundance of wildlife.

There are spaces for activity and spaces for quiet contemplation. An extensive path, bridge and boardwalk network, oversized shade shelters, and an abundance of park amenities and furniture provide the local community, and visitors from further afield, a valuable public open space and an opportunity to connect with the natural environment.

The fully custom designed Waterwheel playground pays homage to the historic waterwheel located further down the waterway towards Ellen Brook. This element forms a strong connection to the lake dam, and is a memorable landmark for the estate.