Jungle Adventure Park, Whiteman Edge

This park was specifically located to ensure the retention of a variety of mature trees which were once part of an elaborate garden associated with a 1970’s house. As a central feature to the park, we were asked to design a play area based around a Jungle theme. To prevent the design getting too ‘theme park’ and incongruous with the surroundings, we tended towards the more Australiana jungle theme, with Cassowary, blue Bower birds, lizards, parrots, snakes and the like.

The design exploits the change of level provided by the tree topped hill on the northern side of the park, and commands views over the wetlands and out to Whiteman Park to the west and the hills to the east.

The existing trees were supplemented with a lush green vegetation palette, more synonymous with a jungle setting and tree species such as Native Frangipani, Fig and Crepe Myrtle were used alongside exotic shrubs such as Cycads, Birds of Paradise and Snake Vine.

The obvious key component to the whole design is based around the tree top adventure. The idea was to create a full experience above the ground with extensive climbing opportunities to feel as though you are up amongst the tree tops. The large central structure represents a main tree, with a branch top bird’s nest that can act as a lookout. It also resembles a tree house that may be reminiscent of a tarzan hide out.

The use of rope throughout the design is to try and give the feel of the jungle vines and a more natural feel of climbing up into the trees, with the central climbing tube in particular intended to create the tree house feel. Most off-the-shelf products are also chosen for their rope swing aspects, using a variety of rope sizes throughout.

A small, dry river bed runs through the design and defines the spaces with log crossings, boulders and footprints to allow smaller children to explore and feel the adventure at ground level. The use of giant Cassowary footprints and Bower bird nest cubby areas add to the exotic feel of the park. Are they footprints from another era perhaps?

  • Early park and play concepts and sketch perspectives
  • Design development, documentation and contract administration of the 9m high play tower and all play structures, boardwalks and shade structures
  • Design and documentation of the dry river bed with giant footprints

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