Curtin University

Curtin University appointed EPCΛD to prepare strategies and plans enabling the campus to evolve to meet the demands of the twenty first century. Our answer was to transform the place from an isolated campus into a dynamic urban destination that directly engages education and research with business and creativity.

Our strategies enabled the university to take its place as what is now one of the State’s major urban growth centers for the next 15 years. This mixed use, high density community will be delivered around a new transport link to the CBD and through to the University of Western Australia, linking educational and medical facilities across the Perth. EPCΛD were responsible for the original concept, strategic planning, landscape planning, urban design and strategic management of the project over a critical seven year period prior to establishing the universities in house capability.

Our plans have now set the foundations for the university’s evolution and expansion into a unique integrated mixed use community with a focus on innovation and education. It will be a place where businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes will be embedded within neighborhoods of knowledge. A place to live, learn, work and play, where strong relationships can develop between colleagues and creatives.

  • Concept development
  • Development strategies
  • Political Consultation
  • Strategic planning management
  • Urban design
  • Landscape planning
  • Design of selected areas