Tree Park, Seascapes

This public open space in Seascapes, just south of Mandurah was designated as a park for youth and is set amongst extensive existing native trees. The facilities comprise play, both bespoke and off the shelf, for all ages from toddlers to teens, and the main play feature depicts a ‘fort’ within the trees with stone walls and play decks. The design also incorporates teenage ‘hang out’ areas on large circular decks beneath trees and within the older play zones.

Barbecues and picnic tables encourage family gatherings for surveillance of younger children and the park has proved to be very popular and is a great play space beneath the shade of trees.

  • Early concept designs and sketch perspectives
  • Consultation with the City of Mandurah in relation to tree retention
  • Full design development, documentation and contract administration
  • Mixture of bespoke and off the shelf play
  • Entry gate, furniture and structure design
  • Liaison with fauna re-locator and artist to use recycled tree trunks as totems depicting fauna found on site