Civic Heart

EPCΛD were appointed during the early planning stages of this prestigious $380million high density development project located on Mends Street in South Perth. In what will be a landmark building in the Perth skyline the project comprises of a 38 storey tower comprising 294 apartments, a neighbourhood shopping centre, shops and offices. EPCΛD have been involved since early inception providing concept designs, advice on retention of the heritage landscapes within the site, tree retention and integration of the proposed public plaza into the adjacent streetscape.

The landscape components EPCΛD have been instrumental in development of concept designs include the public plaza in front of the shopping mall, the large 2nd floor amenities deck, surrounding street frontages, the day care terrace play space and amenity decks on the tower.

We were also appointed separately by our client Finbar to further explore, in partnership with the City of South Perth, the streetscape and public realm concepts for the section of mends Street which runs along the southern edge of the site. The aim is to integrate the street seamlessly into the proposed plaza to create a large high quality public space suitable for everyday use and public events.

The project is planned to enter into documentation phase shortly with completion planned for 2018.

  • Early concept designs and sketch perspectives
  • Place creation

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