Shorehaven at Alkimos

This vanguard development on the Indian Ocean coast of Western Australia creates a major, high quality community of 241 hectares with a population in excess of ten thousand. The Alkimos ship wreck, lobster pots and the native Banksia flowers and dune formations are reflected in layouts, structures and detailing presenting a distinctive community character. The project sets new standards in planned community environments and has won broad acclaim. Its foundations of environmental responsive planning and public art interpretation of the place has delivered a premium coastal living environment.

  • Landscape planning directly contributed to the urban form through Structure Plans to delivery.
  • Detailed design of all public realm
  • Street furniture and structure design
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design principles throughout
  • Integrated drainage infrastructure within public open space
  • Collaborative input to community development events and placemaking spatial uses
  • Public art program and art installations

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