Scarborough Beach Road West

The Scarborough Beach Road West Landscape Masterplan and Urban Design Strategy and Detailed Area Plan, contributed to the guiding planning instruments for the intensification and transformation of this highway corridor in to a transport orientated mixed use higher density residential area. EPCΛD worked in close collaboration with TBB planning to address the changes that will be triggered by the State Government’s proposal for a future light rail link along the highway connecting the Scarborough Beach with Stirling City Centre and potentially Perth CBD.

The plans provide for and facilitate additional residential and mixed use development to take advantage of the transit corridor creating an enhanced and sustainable public realm that supports this new city living environment.

EPCΛD contributed to and presented at Community Open Days facilitated by TBB and the City giving existing residents, business owners and community interest groups a real voice, chances to contribute ideas, ask questions and gain a greater understanding of changes and potential of the coming years.

  • Urban landscape analysis
  • Visioning exercise and community consultation
  • Structuring landscape strategies
  • Pedestrian focus areas
  • Concept designs options for key locations
  • Integrate drainage strategies