Seascapes Foreshore

EPCΛD were responsible for the master planning and detail design of all general infrastructure within the foreshore at Seascapes, just south of Mandurah, including the interpretation of scatter sites, viewing areas, footpaths and timber beach access points. The main central public open space set within the foreshore was subject to further investigation and detail design, and involved extensive consultation over a 12 month period with the Peel Coast Group, City of Mandurah and stakeholders, to reach an agreed outcome. EPCΛD then fully documented the design and administered the implementation through to completion.

  • Early concept designs and sketch perspectives for public presentation
  • Consultation with the Peel Group, City of Mandurah and stakeholders
  • Predominantly ground truthing of path alignments with the City of Mandurah
  • Liaison with local aboriginal elder to create interpretation of the scatter sites within the foreshore
  • Liaison with the coastal engineer to determine appropriate beach access points
  • Full design development, documentation and contract administration